A beautiful wedding cake with homage to The Venture Bros!

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Venture Brothers wedding cake

While we love, love, love to make cakes that are literal takes on things that our clients adore – pets, hobbies, movies, etc. – because sculpting chocolate figures is super fun to do 😃, we also adore creating pieces that adopt a more subtle take on such themes. For this special occasion, the couple wanted to somehow include their favourite TV show, The Venture Bros. and, in particular, a tribute to the shows antagonist, The Monarch.

Taking as its primary inspiration the Monarch’s base of operations, the cake consisted of multiple tiers of strawberry Champagne and strawberry lemon yumminess in the same beautiful fuchsia colour to recreate the look of The Monarch’s cocoon-inspired hideout, The Hive's interior (so that when the couple cut the cake - they would get a colourful surprise!). A continuous stream of monarch butterflies gently encircle the cake in yet another subtle nod to the character!

edible sugar butterfly
Perhaps the most adorable part of the cake is the little blue fondant square being carried by one of the monarch butterflies located at the bottom of the cake – the bride’s sweet gesture to include the groom’s favourite part of the show, the arrival of The Sovereign, a David Bowie-inspired character who appears in the guise of a blue cigarette package! With a little imagination and a whole lot of love, a themed-wedding cake can make the special occasion a little more special by adding a subtle personal touch that makes the cake a one-of-a-kind expression of the couple!