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The wedding takes place in the ruins of a once majestic castle. Its mighty tower now overrun by creeping ivy and its once beautiful stained glass window nothing more than memory, the castle still provides a magical setting for the happy couple!

Having been given free reign on the design of this cake, we were both excited and a little overwhelmed at first! Narrowing down the possibilities was a challenge, although it was one that was very enjoyable to face! The one thing that we made sure to keep in mind was that the cake had to be a reflection of the bride and groom, so when that wonderful moment of cutting the cake came around at the wedding reception, it offered them a special moment to see themselves and to reflect on the event they were celebrating, something many of us forget to do when we get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of the big day!

The reception for this particular event was taking place at Casa Loma in Toronto, so we decided to go with a royal wedding theme. Being able to tour the venue ahead of time helped give us the sense of romance that the place evoked, and so we decided to have the premise of the cake's story being that of a princess marrying her prince in the castle ruins. The traditional concept of the groom admiring his soon-to-be bride manifested itself in having the prince on the cake looking up at his princess as she makes her entrance down the old stone staircase. The groom's sister also made a sweet gesture of giving the couple a wedding cake topper to add to the cake, but despite its beauty and the sentiment behind it, the fit was just not there, so we decided to make the cake tell a story from all angles, one that would give the final piece a 360 degree appearance. So, when you get to the back of the cake, which becomes the back of the cake castle, the king and his jester are making a grand entrance with their own wedding cake for the royal couple, complete with the special cake topper!

As a final little touch, we wanted to add a little of the bride and groom's personality to their figures. As expected, when the bride made her first appearance, their guests all fell silent as she made her way down the main aisle, her smile capturing the true worth of the moment. If you look closely, the princess is the only one with lips!

When it comes to inspiration and design, there are truly no limits! A cake obviously has to have 'that look', that WOW! factor, but it also has to be as unique and wonderful as those who are celebrating! Thanks for visiting!

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