The Royal Family

Princess Victoria
When she enters a room, she commands your attention simply with her grace and poise. Her beauty and sophistication will keep you spellbound as she works her magic!
Red Velvet with cream cheese

Princess Kathleen
The most charming of the royal princesses, her sweet disposition and girl-next-door charisma always make those around her smile and feel at home.
Lemon raspberry cake with vanilla butter cream

Princess Elizabeth
Her passion makes every event a lively one! When this stunning beauty is absent, it’s just not the same!
Lemon cake with cream cheese

Princess Eleanor
Her vibrant personality always makes an event a happier one. Ever the joker, this little cutie brings out the kid in everyone!
Chocolate cake and cookies and cream

Queen Josephine
A true lady in both appearance and demeanour, this traditional and classy figure is an essential guest at any event!
Chocolate mocha cake with chocolate butter cream

Princess Abigail
Her enthusiasm for everything in life is infectious and her passion spreads to all those who encounter this vivacious character!
Strawberry lemon cake with strawberry buttercream

Princess Sophia
She may look shy, but there is a mischievous side to her when you see that telltale grin!
Coconut cake with vanilla buttercream

King Ian
His legendary love for chocolate is known throughout the kingdom!
Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache*


The Royal Court

Sir Guinn and Sir Bailey
Known for their fun nature, these gentlemen are always the life of every party!
Chocolate Guinness cake and Baileys cream cheese*

Lady Judith
Admired throughout the kingdom for her talents in the arts, she is a major inspiration to many throughout the kingdom.
Carrot cake and cream cheese

Lady Jo Ann
She is the keeper of the kingdom’s history, the source of all tradition and custom.
Strawberry champagne cake with white chocolate ganache*

Lady Jacqueline
Not one to ever shy away from a conversation, this chatty lady always livens up an event!
Lemon vegan cake with lemon vegan buttercream

Sir Michael
A man of imagination and vision, he is the architect and designer of the realm.
Chocolate cake and chocolate mousse*

Sir Matthew
A talented artisan, he is renowned for lighting up the kingdom with the most beautiful lanterns.
Vanilla cake and salted caramel

Sir Daniel
He is the most famous inventor in the land, a man of intelligence, learning and sophistication.
Chocolate vegan cake with chocolate vegan buttercream