One Cake, Many Adventures

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Wedding Cakes

This wedding cake is all about incorporating one couple’s happy memories! For our cake designer, experiencing the stories that the couple shared resulted in the decision to focus on the couple’s loves of travel and foreign adventures.
Although the inspiration may not be immediately obvious to everyone who may look at this particular wedding cake, it was designed to give the couple a moment of personal reflection during their wonderful but hectic wedding day.
The entire cake has been hand-painted to evoke the feeling of crystal clear ocean vistas that the couple encounter when they fly somewhere warm every year to escape the harsh realities of winter. The white sugar rocks were inspired by the colour and the texture of the fine white sand that lines the beaches that have been such a pleasant memory in their stories.

The portrait of the flowers was inspired by some of the many photos the couple shared of the public gardens through which they often roam during the summer time. The bright, happy colours of the flowers compliment the azure body of the wedding cake and the joy that one cannot help but feel in the presence of this happy couple. The white sculpted flowers and ornate leaves that frame the painting were inspired by the decorative flowers and leaves carved into the pots in which some of the flowers in the gardens were planted.

Living active lives may sometimes make it difficult to choose a focus for your wedding cake, a very real dilemma when you don’t want to simply have a cake based solely on your wedding colours. When you go through the souvenirs and memories from your adventures as a couple, you weave a story that makes a very eye-catching cake, one that tells your story to the world.
Happy wedding planning to all those who have “just said yes”!

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