Spiderman versus Venom Birthday Cake

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Spiderman birthday cake
spiderman birthday cake
spiderman birthday cake

A birthday cake that got our senses tingling!

The increasing popularity of superheroes makes it clear that Marvel’s mighty mutants and DC’s dynamic duos aren’t just the intellectual property of comic book readers! From the Avengers to the Justice League, superheroes are fun, fashionable and fit for cake!

The epic rivalry between Spider-Man and Venom has graced the pages of comic books for decades, and the tumultuous battles between your friendly neighbourhood web-slinger and the terrifying dark-suited symbiote will soon be hitting the big screen. For this project, our vision was to convey the topsy-turvy effect that Venom has on his arch-nemesis Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man. We opted to create the building upon which the battle unfolds in a non-linear pattern to reflect the mind-bending consequences of fighting such a powerful and otherworldly creature as Venom. The rock-like base and goopy stains on the side of the building add to the gruesome, almost virus-like characteristics associated with this popular comic book villain.

Nothing on this cake, however, is as eye-catching or as popular as the hero himself! Perched high atop the building, striking his familiar web-slinging pose, stands Spider-Man, one of Marvel Comic’s most successful characters and a fan favorite among kids and adults alike. Whether you’re exploring the world of superheroes for the first time through the movies or a long-time fan of the comics, there is no better way to bring your favourite superhero’s story to life than in yummy modeling chocolate!